Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mostly Locals

The fourth of July is a BIG tourist holiday at Ocean Shores. In “The Ocean ShoresTourist Killer,” the villain wanted to scare the tourists away so he could have a quiet holiday. Still, some events really are not for the tourists, nor do they come for them. One such is the Ocean Shores Yacht Club 4th of July Parade. In it, local residents decorate their pontoon boats and parade up and down Duck Lake. We watched – and waved.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Changing Times

Nuclear Weapon from Wikipedia
From "The Exciting Growth Years of the City of Ocean Shores:"

In 1961, Kennedy was our new President and people were all very nervous about the potential for nuclear war. In that environment came the following news item:

"Ocean Shores was selected for an evacuation area as one of the safest 'fallout' spots in the U.S.A. Grays Harbor Civil Defense, Roger McRea, Director, in September 1961 wrote:

"Due to the location of Ocean Shores in Grays Harbor County, it is felt that it is one of the few places in the State of Washington least likely to be affected by fallout from the Seattle-Tacoma and Bremerton target complex...Grays Harbor Civil Defense has chosen this place as an alternate operations site in the event Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Montesano were to become untenable because of nuclear attack..."

Nowadays, instead, we are all afraid of Tsunamis and pay attention to the evacuation routes. Nothing has appeared in the local newspaper recently about atomic weapons and where it'd be safest to be should Armageddon come...

Tsunami Evacuation Route Sign in Ocean Shores

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Our neighbors said it. "West of Nirvana and South of Twilight."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ready to Roll

Well, we've closed the loan, we think the money to close has been wired, our airplane leaves tomorrow. It's starting to look like we're going to acquire a house - and maybe a gong along with it. Wednesday evening will be the moment of truth.

Actually, today we verified the money transfer had completed, signed the paperwork, and saw the previous owners with a trailer, packing up.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gold and Gongs

We found a place. Originally noted here, prices are much more reasonable in 2012.Stay tuned because I'd hate to jinx things...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Lot

After I was done looking, I saw the "Last Lot." It was in a really good location at the far north end of Duck Lake, and was the cheapest property I saw all week. Looks like it might be a winner. Particulars follow:
Power in 2 locations. Shed. Water on lot. Surveyed. Sewer LID paid. Sewer at street. Not in any floodplain. In community club. Owner/agent. 0.171ac. Annual taxes are $413. 31.20ft of waterfont. No gas available which is typical for OS. Mostly, they have propane.

The listing agent is Steven Simmons at 360-589-2439. I have an email as well.

291 East Rain St, Ocean Shores, WA, Looking from the Street

Part Way into the Property. Those Logs Look Like the Property Line

Near the Logs, Looking at Duck Lake

Looking Back at the Lot from the Dock at Rain Lake

More of the Lot

Another Sign is at a Dock on Duck Lake

Looking Left from the Dock

Looking Right from the Dock

Along the Shoreline, Looking Right from the Dock

Further South

Riding down the southern part of the lake, I noticed 307 Lake Bay Loop SE; offered at $294.5K. It's a bit on the big side, with 4br and 2.5ba, but I got a shot anyway.
307 Lake Bay Loop
Much more interesting was the empty lot next door, also for sale. It is at 315 Lake Bay Loop SE; offered for an asking price of $69.9k.
315 Lake Bay Loop from the Street
315 Lake Bay Loop Looking Toward Duck Lake
315 Lake Bay Loop Looking Toward the Road
A bit further around the lake, was a rather vague FSBO that had 80 feet of waterfront.
This Looks Like it's Worth a Call
Mystery Property with 80 feet of Lakefront Has a Nice Lake View
Then we get to the far end of the lake, with a property at 354 Wildwood, and another next door. Both seem a bit steep for what is offered.
354 Wildwood, Ocean Shores, offered at $425k
Lots of Steps for this Fixer on Wildwood
Moving up, at 896 Falls of Clyde, there's a $66k lot. It's got a dock already in place, on one of the little canals.
896 Falls of Clyde

896 Falls of Clyde

896 Falls of Clyde
 There are a few more, from the south, but its questionable if you want to look at them before I get home...

672 Mt Olympus Ave SE. Asking $199k, not including the vacant lot which they want another $95K for