Friday, September 24, 2010

Further South

Riding down the southern part of the lake, I noticed 307 Lake Bay Loop SE; offered at $294.5K. It's a bit on the big side, with 4br and 2.5ba, but I got a shot anyway.
307 Lake Bay Loop
Much more interesting was the empty lot next door, also for sale. It is at 315 Lake Bay Loop SE; offered for an asking price of $69.9k.
315 Lake Bay Loop from the Street
315 Lake Bay Loop Looking Toward Duck Lake
315 Lake Bay Loop Looking Toward the Road
A bit further around the lake, was a rather vague FSBO that had 80 feet of waterfront.
This Looks Like it's Worth a Call
Mystery Property with 80 feet of Lakefront Has a Nice Lake View
Then we get to the far end of the lake, with a property at 354 Wildwood, and another next door. Both seem a bit steep for what is offered.
354 Wildwood, Ocean Shores, offered at $425k
Lots of Steps for this Fixer on Wildwood
Moving up, at 896 Falls of Clyde, there's a $66k lot. It's got a dock already in place, on one of the little canals.
896 Falls of Clyde

896 Falls of Clyde

896 Falls of Clyde
 There are a few more, from the south, but its questionable if you want to look at them before I get home...

672 Mt Olympus Ave SE. Asking $199k, not including the vacant lot which they want another $95K for

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