Changing Times

Nuclear Weapon from Wikipedia
From "The Exciting Growth Years of the City of Ocean Shores:"

In 1961, Kennedy was our new President and people were all very nervous about the potential for nuclear war. In that environment came the following news item:

"Ocean Shores was selected for an evacuation area as one of the safest 'fallout' spots in the U.S.A. Grays Harbor Civil Defense, Roger McRea, Director, in September 1961 wrote:

"Due to the location of Ocean Shores in Grays Harbor County, it is felt that it is one of the few places in the State of Washington least likely to be affected by fallout from the Seattle-Tacoma and Bremerton target complex...Grays Harbor Civil Defense has chosen this place as an alternate operations site in the event Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Montesano were to become untenable because of nuclear attack..."

Nowadays, instead, we are all afraid of Tsunamis and pay attention to the evacuation routes. Nothing has appeared in the local newspaper recently about atomic weapons and where it'd be safest to be should Armageddon come...

Tsunami Evacuation Route Sign in Ocean Shores


Khal said...

Actually, when I found Ocean Shores, the first thing I thought of was the tsunami risk. But historically, its amazing to think of Bremerton, Seattle, Tacoma, etc. as "target complexes", i.e., giant radioactive death zones. Thankfully, we never pushed the button. Us or them.

Chandra said...

Hi Steve:
Hope nobody pushes any buttons or drops any bombs.
Glad to learn about your "other" blog.
We got a lot of rain in ATL.
I will look forward to your interesting posts here, with non-bikey material.

Take care.
Peace :)