Annual Car Ritual

 Each Summer, people around the Puget Sound/Portland/SW BC area gather to show off their Jaguars. This show was in Tacoma. Yup, the same Tacoma as in the "Toyota Tacoma" truck or in the "Aroma of Tacoma" song. 



One cute feature of this year's show was an abnormally calm and tame bird that hopped around and IN the cars. I hope the little guy doesn't get hurt. He DID poop on my coat which was next to the judge gazebo, but he WAS still around at the end of the day, hopping around and occasionally flying short distances.

The car show is adjacent to "America's Car Museum" which was founded by the LeMay family. Our garbage in Ocean Shores is picked up by LeMay. I guess this is another variant of turning garbage into gold. Either way, it is a wonderful museum with constantly changing displays. This August, BMW is featured.


One might wonder just how sane entering a concours really is. Does it really make sense to PAY to have people tell you just how bad your car is? Mostly, the entrants and the judges work together and I always try to tell entrants things they can do easily to improve their cars or how stuff that they're worried about is unlikely to actually get noticed by most judges.

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